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Incantation Script Family

Incantation Script Family

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Because of an accident, the female doctor of Dazheng University had been reborn into her ancestor, Fu Sisi. But who exactly was this man? Fu Si, a man, a famous courtier in history, was also a deceitful courtier. And look, she was a woman. How could she change her fate and create miracles? The person he loved had the hatred of exterminating a nation, and the person he loved was implicated with the inheritance of the Fu Clan's ancestral hall. As a person, it was extremely difficult for them to be a woman. In addition to the first chapter of the transition, it is difficult to peep the traces of rebirth, the female lead is anxious step by step, deliberately conceals the true identity of men in women's clothing, between Wang Sun Gongqing, life as thin as ice. This article is an empty history department, reading and like this article of friends, here first express regret, because my pen strength is limited, there are many shortcomings in the ancient style of writing, please forgive me. Join Collection