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Intoxicated with the Sword

Intoxicated with the Sword



Publisher : babelnovel


Four hundred years ago, the Hindu monk Mani came to Central State to pay tribute to the Celestial dynasty with a copy of the Seven Stars Atlas, a copy of the Mountain and River Diagram. Some people said that those who obtained < < Mountains and Rivers > would gain the world, < Seven Stars > would gain the martial arts world, and the < Seven Stars Atlas >, which caused a stir in the martial arts world at that time, was subsequently divided into two parts and buried in the tombs of the current emperor and empress respectively. After four hundred years, the《 Seven Stars Atlas》 had reappeared in the mortal world, but few people knew about it … With the appearance of the Seven Stars, who would become a hero? Brothers, who will have the time to drink and chat merrily? A girl's love can see through the mundane world. Everything in the Sword Song of Drunkenness [kept]