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Invincible God King

Invincible God King



Publisher : babelnovel


Chen Yu was a disciple of the Chen Family's branch in Tian Yang City. Three years ago, Chen Yu gave up the opportunity to practice the cultivation in Chen Family. The result was that even the one who used to be weaker surpassed him. Did he regret it? Actually, he did. Because of curiosity, Chen Yu followed a group of warriors to chase a golden light. It turned out that the golden light was actually from a bead, which contained the Ancient Sovereign Spirit King's divine will. Chen Yu, who was acknowledged by Spirit King, merged himself with Spirit King's divine will and went back to three years ago. Now, he got another opportunity to choose his life again. ☆About the Author☆ Above the moon(月亮之上) is a young novelist. He has written two novels: "Invincible God King" and "Supreme God". He is a science student who loves to read fantasy novels. He did not expect that he would be a writer. When he couldn't help but want to share his fantasy world, the work was born.