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Invincible Smart-Guy System

Invincible Smart-Guy System



Author : meng jun shang wei

Publisher : babelnovel


ZHANG YUNFENG UNEXPECTEDLY OBTAINED A SUPER LEARNING SYSTEM FROM THE FUTURE. THE SYSTEM CONTAINED ALL THE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS OF BOTH ANCIENT AND MODERM FUTURE HUMANS, EVEN ALL THE SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES. He was a poor learner that has always been ridiculed by the family. Someday, there was a super study system planted into his body accidentally. That system provided him a lot of types of skills, which helped him learn things really quick so that he could learn the subjects for a few days while other students needed years to learn. His rapid progress made everyone look at him with appreciation, including the campus belle. In the meantime, there were also some bad guys jealous of him. There would be a lot more troubles in the future... ☆About the Author☆ Meng Junshangwei is an online novelist. He does well in urban novels. His work,Invincible Smart-Guy System gained a lot of attention. By virtue of the humorous languade, he gets plenty of fans.