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Jiuge's Three-Life Love-chasing Road

Jiuge's Three-Life Love-chasing Road

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


In the first life, she was Du Ruli, the gentle and refined young professor, Mei Tengsheng, but she was still pursued by the frenzied rich second-generation students and eventually drowned in their hesitation. In the second life, she was reborn in the Formless City, was Tantai Qing, was unloved by both young and young women, but she died in a conspiracy with someone she had met a few times. In the third life, she became Murong Xixi of the Valley of Godly Doctors, fell in love with Xiao Mei-Jin's senior brother, Murong Xian. She, who had lost her memory, eventually became Shen Xing's wife, Jiuge. With the looting, Jiuge's memories gradually recovered. As a person, she finally understood that the one she loved the most and the one she was most ashamed of was him. Ten years later, he had changed his appearance and looks. He had forgotten about her, so she didn't mind letting everything begin anew. The longest wait, the most tortuous love, the most loving company, she had gone through three lifetimes and three lifetimes, and had finally come for him. Join Collection