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King, Queen Wants Divorce Again!

King, Queen Wants Divorce Again!

Historical Romance


Author : Huo Huo Miao

Publisher : babelnovel


She was the daughter of a renowned imperial merchant, yet she had failed miserably in the hands of the scum man and the concubine girl. Not only was the whole family executed, they were even burned to death in the Sky Prison. When she had to live a new life, she had to make every step of the way. However, when she sought to ensure the safety of the Su Clan, she found a prince who openly desired to marry into the Dark Alliance. However, in this business, she was an expert. She would never lose anything. If she didn't want to be an idiot, then so be it. Unexpectedly, the business grew bigger and bigger, eventually becoming a queen. Su Zixuan: I want Li! Eunuch and palace maid: Empress, think twice! Su Zixuan: I don't care! I want to leave! Eunuch and palace maid: "Your Majesty!" The empress wants to leave again! Your Majesty: Let's go back to the sleeping quarters and have a talk.