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Legend of A Hero

Legend of A Hero



Publisher : babelnovel


This is a place managed by a martial arts sect. The author tries his best to lead you into a different martial arts world. The two brothers were young and had stepped into the martial arts world. With curiosity, with passion, with chivalry, with the warmth of the world, should I keep my heart or become a devil? Because of his father, he couldn't use any peerless martial arts, so how could he let any random master be chased and beaten until he couldn't hold it in? Civilians could not practice martial arts in this martial arts world. There seemed to be iron-like rules here, so who was trying to break them? This martial arts world had a long history of grudges against its powerful enemies. It was full of twists and turns, and hard to fathom people's hearts. There was never a lack of chivalrous men in the martial arts world. The winds and the rain in the martial arts world rose and fell together, just like the brothers collecting the rain and wind. Their names shook the martial arts world! Close]