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Legend of Deadly Dart

Legend of Deadly Dart



Publisher : babelnovel


"Knife" is an indispensable tool for human survival. When a human comes out of their mother's stomach, they have to use scissors to cut short their umbilical cord and begin their own growth. When humans make vegetables, they have kitchen knives, chop firewood, and harvest scythes … Knives, big guillotine knives that could end a criminal's life, small ones like katana knives and darts, many different kinds of knives that could end a criminal's life. This book is about a very small and magical knife - darts. In the late Song Dynasty, a dispute occurred between the surname Liu and the surname Guo in Sichuan and Shu region. The surname Liu attempted to destroy the thriving surname Guo by mercilessly killing the surname Guo. A small dart miraculously quelled this conflict and caused a great stir in the martial arts world. Close]