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Legend of Yu Zhen

Legend of Yu Zhen

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Elementary Scholar Yu was gifted by Qian Long to his brother-in-law, Fu Heng of the Fujia Family. Unfortunately, Fu Heng's heart was attached, thus he had an awkward scene of his wife entering the house together with his concubine. Yuzhen was originally the granddaughter of Nalan Rong, the great scholar. She was reputed to be the most beautiful woman in Qing Dynasty. However, she was teased by fortune and missed out on the smiling man with the white hair. If all the encounters were destined to end, why would they be in turmoil for whom? In the face of a husband who didn't love her, should she submit to him meekly or oppress him arrogantly? "What is your intention in marrying me?" "I don't have any plans for you. Even if I do, it's just to make you happy."