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Legendary Eaglewood

Legendary Eaglewood

Modern Romance


Author : A Qi

Publisher : babelnovel


Water Agarwood was a national treasure passed down from the ancestors of the Wei Empire. The female lead had died because of it and was also born because of it. In order to be together with their loved ones, the female lead and the male lead had to put in all their effort. They had to collect the last tear of the princess of the 12 kingdoms. At such a young age, every princess had a sentimental story. The female lead and the male lead had gone through life and death together and had been obstructed by many obstacles. One could imagine the difficulty involved. In the process, the two loved each other and made a life promise. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a scam. The male lead had known all this for a long time. He had followed the female lead in order to win the throne of the Emperor. The female lead would rather be smashed into pieces than die. At that time, the male lead finally understood that he had unknowingly fallen in love with the female lead.