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Legends of Rebirth and Revenge

Legends of Rebirth and Revenge

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Shen Qing did all the good things she had done in her previous life, but she never came to an end. Little sister Fan Bai Lian killed her beloved son, causing her to lose her life. She swore that if there was a next life, she would definitely make her enemies pay with their blood! After she was reborn from the fire, she came back breathtakingly beautiful. "My stepmother is treacherous. She wants you to suffer and live a life worse than death." Poison sister hypocritical, tear off your beauty skin, send you to the underworld. Diff was vicious, a trick to get you into hell. When he had nothing to do, he would torture his enemies. When he had nothing to do, he would toy around with his loyal dogs, leading a leisurely life. The only thing that gave her a headache was — — The marquis who came uninvited please step aside, don't drag yourself into blocking my path. What? You want to repay me? No need, please go away and continue to do a good job of rebelling against this promising career. Marquis Yun Yang: Chasing after a wife is difficult, but revolting is easy, Goddess wait for me!