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Legitimate Daughter of the Noble Family

Legitimate Daughter of the Noble Family

Historical Romance


Author : Li You

Publisher : babelnovel


Jin Lan was originally a high school Miss, and had been loved by his parents since he was young. He had thought that he would be able to find a loving husband and forever unite his heart. But all the good things were destroyed on the day of the wedding, The brotherly brotherly brother-in-law Jiu Jiu occupies the magpie nest, The gentle and loving mother of the concubine showed her fierce fangs. Even that good man had become a heartless person! False concubine mother, evil sister, unfaithful lover, she actually died at the hands of these people in her previous life. She had been reborn, saved her mother, foiled the plot, and set foot by foot in the compound. However, that dream of her husband only made her more terrified. She had deliberately planned to get rid of her fate. Just when she thought that everything would come to an end, the head of the bridal chamber was lifted under the candle's light. It was actually …