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Let's Hug All Night Long

Let's Hug All Night Long

Modern Romance


Author : Wen Xiao Mi

Publisher : babelnovel


Special husband orientation, cheat cheating is not enough, just the small three home, a word not just rolled sheets. When this is my wife is dead? I fought back, abuse of slag tore Biao, such a man, such a marriage, don't let it be! Natural and unrestrained turn, inside has a small seed. Husband dead to tie up lousy dozen, "the wife wife, let's turn, children can not live without father ah!" I am cold so a smile: "my child has a father! However, never could be you!" I turned around to head back to the only appear in the financial headlines and state-run media interviews handsome man: "honey, let's go home!" Men's eyebrow eye chuckled, arm around my waist spoil a way: "good! Go home and continue to unlock new posture tonight!"