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Limitless Anthroposcopy

Limitless Anthroposcopy



Author : Ban Shi Wu Sheng

Publisher : babelnovel


Jiang Chu, the genius of the generation, relied on the legacies of the Jiang Taigong, such as the points of the dragon cave, the migration of the dragonpulse, and the establishment of the Life and Death Wind Water Bureau. In this world, seeing the sky and the earth was like looking at Feng Shui, seeing people and seeing their future. To enter the True Dragon Secret Realm and rescue the famous general Yue Fei's clansmen. Leading the descendant of the Phoenix, Feng Wu, the spirit of the water dragonpulse, the remnants of Yue Army, to protect the home and the nation, to defend the territory. Killing Japanese Ninja turtles, whipping Kunlun s, taking Han Ba in, lowering Blood Clan s, exterminating Werewolf s, allying with the Western magician s, and violently battling s outside the borders. After experiencing life and death, he finally stepped into the Divine Realm and entered the Dao together. This book opens up the mysterious world of feng shui phasology for you in different ways, from different perspectives and practical examples. All sorts of matchmaker techniques, gossip, and life and death situations occurred one after another. Welcome to the Feng Shui Immortal's masterpiece "Crossroads without Boundaries".