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Little Foodie: Get Pregnant And Wealthy

Little Foodie: Get Pregnant And Wealthy



Author : Tan Yue

Publisher : babelnovel


Not only did Shen Zhu cross over, he even became pregnant! What? The people in this family don't even have enough to eat, and they even have some close relatives? Fortunately, the man at his side accompanied him all the way here to protect him. But who would have thought that the man would suddenly change and become the most important person in the imperial court? In this stormy era, Shen Zhu felt that it was better to stay alive. Nanny wants to give her man a concubine to consolidate his strength? Or was it the person who was betrothed to him back then? Shen Zhu: "Well, I think it's still not appropriate to be together. "We should still do it..." Friend. The man's gloomy expression changed. "My wife, what are you doing?" "..." Eh, why is it so hard to say the word friend?