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Look Back, She's No Longer There

Look Back, She's No Longer There

Historical Romance


Author : Chun Lei Pao

Publisher : babelnovel


From the time he had saved her when she was young, she had regarded him as everything. To become the best sword in his hands, to pacify these mountains and rivers for him. He had overturned the world, ascended the throne, and given her the promise of a lifetime. As for her, she had been gifted to the vassal lord and would never again be reunited with him. Years later, he suddenly missed the woman who had fought for him in the world and made him more tea. Looking at each other from afar, she was already a mother. When she saw him again, in order to protect her husband's life, she committed suicide in front of him and fell off the platform. In this golden age, there was no longer a smile on her face. At that moment, he had gone mad …