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Lou Lan Curse: Tyrant, Love Me Only

Lou Lan Curse: Tyrant, Love Me Only

Fantasy Romance


Author : qian yu xi

Publisher : babelnovel


Legend has it that he is the King of Lou, the man who kills without batting an eye. According to legend, he was the ruler of the entire Easton Continent. Legend has it that he was once cursed with a bloodthirsty curse by his own hands. Legend has it that he gets sick every full moon night. Legend had it that he needed the blood of a virgin to suppress the curse. After passing through, she was actually trapped in the gloomy and cold underground palace, being crazily bitten by the devilish monster! She screamed out in pain, but the tears on her face did not gain the slightest bit of sympathy from him. She tried to escape several times, but all she got in return was the sound of his curses resounding in her ears, "Lonely pet, you're destined to be a lonely woman in this life. Never think of escaping."