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Love And Hate Tales of Xia

Love And Hate Tales of Xia



Publisher : babelnovel


The young master of the Hanxue Villa, Ling Xiao Cheng, first came out of his manor to roam the martial arts world. He went to the distant Shang Jia Stronghold of the Shu City, and together with the Tian Shan Sect, the Taishan Fellow Taoist Shang Zhe of the Tai Yi Sect caught the evil disciple of the martial arts world and flew up into the sky. After the incident at the Merchant Castle, Ai Hui harbored deep hatred in his heart. He set up all sorts of traps to frame his sworn brothers, causing the reputation of Lingxiao City to be ruined. On the blade of grass, he flew alone into the manor to uncover the mist. Furthermore, due to some fortuitous encounters, Lingxiao City had cultivated the Tai Yi Sect's treasure, the Tai Yi Primordial Scripture's internal technique. The Tai Yi Sect's Sect Leader secretly placed pressure on him as the two factions pursued and killed each other. Close]