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Lucky Star Little Maid

Lucky Star Little Maid

Historical Romance


Author : Wang Zi Yun

Publisher : babelnovel


Dong Shu, who had passed away early, was sold by the Eldest Aunt for twenty silver taels the very next day to the often unlucky Xu Shiqiu at the end of the village as his wife. After Dong Shu married to Xu Shiqiu, he realized that the life of her Husband was not even according to the rumors, it would be the unlucky misfortune as long as one approached them. And Dong Shu, who was taken care of by a lucky star by releasing a golden carp the day before her wedding, did not know that Xu Shiqiu had changed his fate all because of him marrying her. Wearing all over her body, Tiantian Shu had brought along bad luck with her beloved wife, Cu Tan Qiu.