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Lure on the Bed: Charming Evil Consort

Lure on the Bed: Charming Evil Consort

Historical Romance


Author : li dong wan er

Publisher : babelnovel


She, the genius medical examiner who ran amok in the police force, had once transmigrated to become the unfavoured direct daughter of the Prime Minister. She was delicate and weak, and her birth was a mystery. It was fine if her father didn't care about her and her mother, but she was sent to the marriage alliance as a family's tool, and she was even framed by someone who wanted to sully her innocence. The man was dressed in white, and looked like a demigod. "Scram." Having lost her rationality after being burned by the medicine, she automatically ignored the cold ridicule in his eyes and rushed forward. … …. Many years later, her reputation as a poison physician would shake the world. From the delicate young lady to the princess consort, they had to clean up the Prime Minister's residence and play in the court. However... Her slender hand pressed against the man's forehead. "You hit this beauty yourself, it has nothing to do with me." The man tyrannically trapped her within an arm. "You think This King can escape after sleeping?"