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Magic Kungfu of Jiu Li

Magic Kungfu of Jiu Li



Publisher : babelnovel


The bandit was plagued by poison, the alien invading, and the great river splitting apart. Jiang Xu, the son of Jiang Gou, the general soldier of Shanxi Da Tong Army, as well as the official disciple of the Heng Shan Sect. He was a peerless martial artist who could shake the world. The martial path of the Vast Expanse was unrestrained and unrestrained. It was like a great river or a great mountain. The stars in the sky let me laugh, the stars in the sky let me laugh, the blood in time and space let me roam free and unfettered. Non-stallion, non-harem, non-same-sex, non-aerial. Hot blood. Strange feelings. The history of military wuxia cultivators was mainly based on their true history. Close]