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Marry First: Master Quan's Silly Wife

Marry First: Master Quan's Silly Wife

Modern Romance


Author : Haochi De Baocai

Publisher : babelnovel


Su Yan never would have thought that her boyfriend, who had been dating for four years, would choose another girl from a family for the sake of his future. Since that was the case, then she decided to let go. However, the other party refused to give up, appearing in front of her several times to show her love! She endured, but the other party became more and more arrogant. Su Yan: "I already have a boyfriend." Who would have thought that the man she randomly picked on the street would be so good and even cooperate with her so much? She was so moved that she wanted to repay him with her body, only to be told that he needed someone who could wash clothes and mop up the floor. Su Yan was brought home idiotically, and found out that her husband was a soldier who frequently left missions. Furthermore, she didn't need to do anything, she just needed to be doted on!