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Martial God Conqueror

Martial God Conqueror



Publisher : babelnovel


To achieve changing the fate, he is supposed to practice continuously. A young man who walked out of the small town of the border began to practice the mysterious martial arts in the ancient stele, With rapid progress along the way, he created his own world. In the beginning, he can be easily defeated by others' one simple move. Then he made a decision that he was going to practice the martial arts attentively. He made progress step by step. After failure and frustration, he became stronger and stronger. Finally, he achieved a peak, which shocked everyone. At the same time, he fell in deep love. ☆About the Author☆ Yu Feng is an excellent novelist. He has written 5 novels, such as Martial God Conqueror, Cultivation in another world, and so on. Each of his work is fabulous. The ups and downs plots are really exciting. Both the plots and the writing are terrific.