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Master of the Sky

Master of the Sky



Author : Feng Chan Zi

Publisher : babelnovel


Don't compete with me in talent. My five branches share the same cultivation, and I have the Demonic Lotus Legacy, the Sky Flipping Palm, and the condensed Nuwa Stone. Don't fight with me for a woman. I am elegant and elegant like a flower. I am a human beauty. I am a demi-human princess. I am a dragon queen. Don't play tricks with me, I look into the distance, my eight faces are as clear as the wind, my little scheme is profound, if you want to harm me, I will make sure your parents won't recognize me. I caused the earth to change color. The fifth prime minister was as miserable as a dog, and I made the heavens fear. The five emperors submitted and made me their enemy. Their lives were in ruins. You have to ask me who I am, I am the Master of the World!