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Master Shen's Sweet Love

Master Shen's Sweet Love

Modern Romance


Author : Mu Qi

Publisher : babelnovel


Everyone in the Imperial City knew that the richest person in the world, Shen Yenan, had been clean and unobtrusive for many years, but when he gave an interview to a reporter, he confessed deeply. As for the accused Bai, Qiao Xi was completely confused. Before he could finish digesting it, he was stopped by the great demon king at the bathroom door. "Do you agree? "If you don't agree, then I'm going in." Qiao Xi wanted to cry but had no tears. "Shen Ye An, you're despicable." "Yes, I am despicable." With that, he opened the door and disappeared in a flash. Qiao Xi frantically covered his body and hugged him in his arms. "You're mine for the rest of my life. I'll be responsible for you." "Shen Ye An, you bastard." If he could be a big scoundrel and fall in love with her, he would be a big scoundrel for the rest of his life.