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May-December Romance: Uncle, Be Gentle

May-December Romance: Uncle, Be Gentle

Modern Romance


Author : Fen Xiang

Publisher : babelnovel


Suffered by her fiance's deception and remorse, she even married her fiance's uncle! Since her ex-fiance met her, he will call her aunt. This man she called uncle loved her in every way. Despite being married on a whim, she became happier after marriage, which also provoked other people's crazy jealousy. The uncle helped her solve all the problems because Jealous of those who want to hurt her. ☆About the Author☆ Fen Xiang, a well-known online novelist, is good at writing urban love novels. Her work <May-December Romance: Uncle, Be Gentle> has gained a lot of attention and praise for her clear and smooth language as well as ups and downs storyline.