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Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster

Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster

Fantasy Romance


Author : Wo Xinkuang

Publisher : babelnovel


"As soon as I pass through, The modern Mercenary Shui Youyou had been married 60 times in the ancient times but still never got married. The daughter of the richest man in Luoyue Empire who had died in depression. In the face of his father's illness, and his mother's early death, The seven branch family members of the Shui family had either requested for her to take in a son-in-law, If she was the Family Head of the Shui Family or part of a family, Shui Youyou decided to bring over a Husband no matter what! "But, the Husband did come, who would have thought that this person was actually a prince?"