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Meritorious Wenzhou Craftsmen

Meritorious Wenzhou Craftsmen

Modern Romance


Author : chen niang

Publisher : babelnovel


In the South-East coast of China, in the Ou River Region, for an unusual alliance seventy years ago, the successors of the five elite craftsmen of the Ou Faction Wenzhou were searching for the secret manual, the 'Ou Treasure Map'. In the process, they had a life-or-death conflict with the two great forces outside the country, as well as a legend of love and hatred between the various craftsmen of the various factions, the craftsmen of the Ou Faction, and the craftsmen of the various factions. [Presenting a piece of work for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of New China to participate in the competition] [Presenting a piece of work for the competition to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of New China] This book was awarded with 2019 outstanding online literature recommendations, 2019 Yangzi Jiang's original online literature competition special award. [Main Story Trace]: China's Master Wu and the missionaries who came to China in the last century signed the 70 year Treasure Protection Alliance Agreement. 2. Master Kumao's successor searched for the 'Treasure Map of Kumao' as well as the 'treasure map of Kumao', and fought with the evil forces outside for the treasure. 3. The descendants of Master Wu were in love and hate with each other, and they were entangled with the history of the evil forces outside the realm.