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Mess up with a Billionaire

Mess up with a Billionaire



Publisher : babelnovel


Cen Jiawen, her grandfather was an old general, her father was an official, and her mother was the CEO. Her background was so strong that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break it. The most famous woman in A city was her identity. The most famous woman in A city was her identity. Professional league of the world racer, Taekwondo black segment god, domestic beauty contest champion, the world dance Asian region champion, entertainment industry celebrity, Asia famous supermodel. She was the pride of the heavens, and she also had a powerful background and money. As for her love, in a word, anyone with eyes in A City knew that Huo Run Han loved her, deeply loved her, deeply loved her to the bone marrow. He doted on her like a pearl or a gem, acting lawlessly. However, the world was unpredictable, so who would have such smooth sailing? Actually, this was the story of an honest girl who had gone to the wrong bed, slept in the wrong bed, and then was taken home by a scheming big bad wolf to eat and wipe clean the couple. Whether you believe in love or not, he'll make you believe again.