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Miss Zensheng

Miss Zensheng

Historical Romance


Author : yu qiu li

Publisher : babelnovel


How could he possibly believe that Nie Mo was repayment for his kindness and enmity? Nie Mo, on the other hand, felt that he was composing a soul-stirring love song using his prime, his beautiful future, and his dazzling life. However, this was only the beginning. Why was his life so complicated and complicated? Furthermore, the wedding that Nie Mo had thought of hundreds and thousands of times was also not that easy to settle. For Yu Gongsheng, the Leaf Board was a great achievement that he had discovered after teleporting over to this world. On the other hand, for Nie Mo, why was it so hard for him to get married?! It was difficult for Yu to have a child in his womb, he couldn't rely on his father's noble position! This was actually a story of a couple struggling to get married. To paraphrase Yu's words, I am responsible for setting goals, while you are responsible for struggling.