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Mommy, Please Marry My Ceo Daddy

Mommy, Please Marry My Ceo Daddy

Modern Romance


Author : Nan Xi

Publisher : babelnovel


"Uncle, seeing how handsome you are, why don't you sell my mommy to you for your wife?" In one chance encounter at the airport, Boss Li, whom everyone revered, took the path of his beloved wife, the Berserk Demons. Someone was bullying her? Slap her face! Someone dared to scheme against her? To make the other party suffer ten times more! Chasing her? Director Li: "..." He was furious! However, when it came to the matter of marriage, Ning Xia expressed her disagreement: "Mr. Li, I'm really not familiar with you." "I've already received the 5 billion that you stole. If you want to repudiate the debt, then hand it over to me first!" Ning Xia expressed her sadness. She originally only wanted to come back and find father for her son, but how did she get into so much trouble?