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Morning, Proud Uncle!

Morning, Proud Uncle!

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Destiny — — The Dominator of life, gradually sank into the dark quagmire after it began to depart. She was born the same day as she was and adopted by the same person at the age of six. He lowered his head. "Call me uncle from now on!" He gave a Girl the most precious diamond in the world, making her an untouchable princess. He gave the other Girl the lowliest sand grain in the world and made her into a low-class, messy grey GIRL. The princess lived in a room covered with lace. She lived in a dark, cluttered room. When she was 10, her uncle said that Girl had good long hair. She had secretly kept it, but he had cut it off her. At 12, her uncle said that her skin was Tai Bai's and he forcefully smeared mud on her face. At the age of 15, her uncle came to her junk room and took her, but his heart was strangely warm, so she knew what love was. At the age of 18, she grew up and confessed to him. However, he cruelly smiled and mocked, "You're useless." Trampling her love, she accepted all the sadness! One day, she said, I will be a beautiful swan! What was left behind after his gorgeous transformation were flaking gray Feather s on the ground! Whose mother did he hate? Who was the daughter of the orphan child who had been exchanged for her identity?