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Author : Qiu Lin Di Dai

Publisher : babelnovel


One flower and one world, the universe is also dust; there is no connection between the real and the false; one thought is eternal, one thought is eternal; the Dao is the Dao, the heavens are like the heavens, I have no heaven; the heavens and the heavens are like the heavens, I have no heaven, I am also the Dao. Truth and falsehood, presence or absence, truth or falsehood, these were just telepathic thoughts transformations! With a single thought, he gave birth to a world with the universe in his heart; the Mystery Granny Sect opened its doors wide to welcome him into the mortal world; he stepped through the myriad universe and lived his life in billions of worlds; life and death was the path, life and death was the way, the pots and pans were as big as the sky; the fusion of purple qi required two parts, the heaven and earth for three members, and the four phenomena were sometimes even more so, the completion of the five elements! This story is purely fictitious, the plot is not duplicated, if there is the same story, it is pure coincidence; the names of the characters are all in the same voice, such as Mo Gao (Ghost Catcher), etc., if there is a pure coincidence of the same name! Close]