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Mountain Ghost Riding the Leopard

Mountain Ghost Riding the Leopard



Author : Shan Gui Qi Bao Lai

Publisher : babelnovel


Every five hundred years, the phoenix would bear all the sins and suffering of the human world and be reborn from the fire. Five hundred years had passed since the start of the Phoenix Dynasty, and the phoenix sacrificial ceremony was just around the corner. However, the divine Holy Maiden had yet to descend, causing everyone's hearts to become anxious as chaotic scenes frequently appeared. The Demon Lord was also about to make his move, intending to obtain the spirit of the phoenix and unify the demon realm. The beautiful young girl, the Shura, carried a secret mission and entered the strange palace. After a few twists and turns, not only did she solve the mystery of her past, she even resolved a calamity in the mortal world.