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Mr.Chief, Please Let Go of Me

Mr.Chief, Please Let Go of Me

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


A few days ago, Qian Feng had painted a little bastard on his face while his little Seventh Brother was sleeping. He didn't expect that before Little Seventh Brother came to settle the score with her, he would turn into a six year old little girl as soon as he opened his eyes. Towards such a vile matter happening to me, Qian Lian, aside from feeling helpless, is also helpless … However, since it was already here, he might as well take care of it. Who cares what kind of demons or ghosts it was, he could only pretend to be stupid and continue living his leisurely life. However, can you let go of one of your clawed hands that you're holding on to? Someone pressed the baby close to his chest and smiled: "I won't let you go" (Oh, it's a coincidence that places and names are similar, so don't you think about it)