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Mr. Xiang, Why Not Marry Me?

Mr. Xiang, Why Not Marry Me?

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Married to the husband for three years, pregnancy, the result of fetal identification is: the husband and the child are not related by blood! Who was the child's father?! That day, she had a big belly and was chased out of the house by her husband's family, yet she still didn't know who the child's biological father was!? For six years, she had thought that she was going to live a life with her son, but one day, the child's father suddenly appeared! Take the mother and son duo away, then fight with her for the right to take care of them! "Before the child grew up, he lived in my house and grew up with the child." She smiled wryly. He only said that he would grow up with his child, but didn't say that he would allow her to spend the rest of her life with his child … Isn't it? Until one day, when she was faced with a family where only the child had no marriage, she ran away from home. He chased her all the way with the child, "Su Yun Wan, has the child grown up yet!" The little bun shook her head and enthusiastically answered for her: "I didn't grow up! As long as I am not older than father, I will not be considered as someone who grew up! " She: "…" The father and son colluded with each other and had a tacit understanding … Natural!