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Mum’s Lovely Kid: Super CEO Daddy

Mum’s Lovely Kid: Super CEO Daddy



Author : luo yi xue

Publisher : babelnovel


Her father was arrested, her mother was hospitalized in a serious illness, and she had no money to take her mother to see a doctor. In desperation, she sold her body for money and chose to surrogacy for somebody. After she gave birth to a son, and had no time to hug him, the child was cruelly taken away. She was heartbroken watching the child being taken away, and soon felt a pain in her abdomen. It turned out that she was pregnant with twins. She left with her daughter alone, and after a few years of living, a man appeared, completely breaking her peaceful life. ☆About the Author☆ Luo Yixue, a well-known online novelist, she has authored many novels, most of which are urban romance. Representative works include: <Mum’s Lovely Kid: Super CEO Daddy>, <Doting>, etc.. The vividness and funny style is loved by readers.