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My Baby Wife, Don't Be Naughty

My Baby Wife, Don't Be Naughty

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Before midsummer turned eighteen, her greatest wish was to marry Gu Xi Nian, but on her eighteenth birthday, she had accidentally associated herself with a man she couldn't avoid. After that, feeling guilty, she continued to act like a queen. She raised her head proudly and threw a golden card in the man's face with a straight chest. Do you know what to do? There was only one person I loved, and not only him before, but now it will also be him, and in the future it will be him. " The next second, the man held her down, implying, "Is that so?" From then on, he had a reason to keep pestering her until she became his Night Lady. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Join Collection