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My Good Wife is Hard to Please

My Good Wife is Hard to Please



Author : Da Erduodemao

Publisher : babelnovel


She was too pretentious, she got drunk at the bar, and the next day the headlines spread the news that she was hanging out with someone in the newspapers. He was so angry that she gave him a bitter smile. "I was just playing …" He took his revenge on her. She had a cold heart and asked for a divorce, but he didn't let go. She was pregnant, but her husband thought it was her and someone else's child who wanted her to have an abortion. She was perfectly calm, but secretly she began to plan a soul-stirring plan. On the day of her miscarriage, she escaped from the hospital, but her car exploded on the street. Yue Zisi had completely disappeared from this world … Six years later, a person who looked exactly like Yue Zisi appeared with a beloved son by his side.