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My Life For Your Affection

My Life For Your Affection

Modern Romance


Author : Huo Zaidangxia

Publisher : babelnovel


"The adulterer and the traitor were caught, the scumbag male and the mistress had joined hands to clean her out of the family, while she had accidentally offended a rich and powerful young master. From then on, she went to a new height in her life." "I don't love you, so please take care of yourself." This was the first thing she said to him. The man's peach blossom eyes slightly narrowed as he said, "Okay, then let's repay the debt." Not mentioning this, it was good. Unknowingly, she owed him so much. He pulled her up and threw her on the bed, oppressing her. "Can't afford it? "I don't mind paying with my own flesh..."