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My Pet is Taotie

My Pet is Taotie



Author : chun hua qiu yue

Publisher : babelnovel


Mo Bao was originally an ordinary girl, but ever since he picked up a meaty white ball and returned home, his life had undergone a tremendous change … Every morning when he woke up, he would find himself at home in a large supernatural accident scene. Eh? Why is the refrigerator gone? Ah? Where was the bed in the bedroom? What? Had it been eaten by his beloved pet? That day, when the white ball sleeping in his arms had turned into an incomparably handsome man, Mo Bao's breathing had become unstable, and he had thrown himself into the man's embrace. As long as one's looks were good, race wasn't important. In the future, she could even brag about it while dancing in the plaza. Back then, she was someone who had slept with the Taotie before …