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My Stunning Female Boss

My Stunning Female Boss



Author : sheng xiu de dou hao

Publisher : babelnovel


He used to be an obscure little clerk. Even if he worked diligently every day, he was still oppressed by his boss and despised by the beloved girl. How sad such a life was, he resigned angrily. After resigning, he accidentally obtained a program, which was implanted in his brain. From then on, he was like an artificial recognizer. Any wrong code could be recognized and corrected. With a super ability to work, he went smoothly in his new job. Even the boss of the beautiful woman showed him frequently. The sad life in the past is gone forever! ☆About the Author☆ The rusty comma, an excellent online novelist, is good at writing urban romance novels. Her representative works are: Soul Pawn Shop and so on. Her novels have rich plots and distinctive personality characteristics, which are deeply loved by everyone.