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My Tender CEO Husband

My Tender CEO Husband

Modern Romance


Author : Su Wu Shuang

Publisher : babelnovel


"Wife, it's getting dark..." "Yes, and then?" Is it time for you to fulfill your obligations? " A man insinuatingly suggested unbuttoning her dress to reveal eight honey-colored abdominal muscles and sexy mermaid lines. Summer couldn't bear it any longer, so he kicked out! It was said that the Third Young Master Leng was extremely beautiful and even more beautiful than a woman. Legend has it that the Third Young Master Leng did not like women, and was extremely disgusted with them. It was said that the Third Young Master Leng was the emperor of business. His killing moves were decisive and his methods were extremely ruthless. As expected, legends could not be trusted! The guy in front of her who kept losing his integrity was definitely not the legendary Third Young Master Leng!