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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO



Publisher : babelnovel


Yang Chen, a peddler selling mutton kebabs in a vegetable market, is ordinary in appearance and lazy in character. But one day, Lin Ruoxi, the beautiful president of a multinational company, came to marry him. If there was a woman crying in front of Yang Chen more than half a year ago, Yang Chen would only think that she was deliberately disguise herself. But now, when this woman he once met cried, Yang Chen involuntarily felt a sense of guilt. Under Lin Ruoxi's threat of suicide, he finally agreed to her request. But Lin Ruoxi soon discovered that the man selling mutton kebabs was not only a master of marketing management from Harvard University, but also proficient in many foreign languages. His profile only showed that he was adopted at the age of 5 and returned to China at the age of 23. What mysterious past does Yang Chen have? ☆About the Author☆ Mei Gan Cai Shao Bing is a web novelist. He has written urban novel My Wife is a Beautiful CEO, The Female CEO's Divine Bodyguard and romantic fiction Red Makeup Dream. His new book My Cold And Beautiful Wife is in series.