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Nether Marriage: Ghost Husband, Be Gentle

Nether Marriage: Ghost Husband, Be Gentle

Fantasy Romance


Author : Tao Zhiyaoyao

Publisher : babelnovel


Ever since I was born, my life has been weird and cold. People in the village say that my life is not good and I won't live for more than 20 years. When I was six years old, I accidentally broke into a cemetery, and somehow, I had formed a Yin affinity with the big BOSS among the evil spirits. When I was 21, a male ghost came looking for me, wanting to be compatible with me. Because we were already engaged, that male ghost didn't succeed. The big BOSS also felt the danger of letting me live in the mortal world and decided to marry me as soon as possible. I didn't die. I returned to school as usual, but because the Yin Qi s on my body had attracted all kinds of male ghost, they kept on pestering me …