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Never Fail the Deep Love

Never Fail the Deep Love

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She was originally the young miss of the Lin Family, a little infatuated beauty who had been gifted to a man by her father. Fortunately, she had been saved by him … He was the president of the Lu Corporation, one of the top figures in Ming City, the dream lover of all the women. However, he did not get close to the woman until he met her … He did his best to marry the little girl into his house, to love her, to pamper her, to give her the whole world. But he did not expect his first love to return home, and everything had changed. " Jin, let's get a divorce. I'll grant you that wish! " "Lin Peihan handed over the divorce agreement to Lu Tianjin. Why would I know the cruel truth when I handed over my heart?" "Woman, how dare you!" Lu Tianjin glared at the little girl in front of him. How dare she … "Five years later, I will see her again. She will be a famous international genius, and he will still be that cold and proud CEO." Woman, where do you want to run to this time? " Join Collection