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Nirvana: The Wild Consort

Nirvana: The Wild Consort

Historical Romance


Author : Qing Feng Ru Xu

Publisher : babelnovel


She was well-known to be a proud daughter of heaven, and had peerlessly powerful strength. Her zither skills were renowned throughout the world, but she was surrounded by the jealousy of others within the sect. In the end, she was forced to use a secret technique to escape. Nirvana Rebirth, the genius who had transformed into the bullied young miss of the general's household was actually a piece of trash … Trash? She sneered, concealing her once-in-a-century dual-attribute physique, concealing her amazing talent in alchemy, using her jade flute to bully everyone. She was determined to avenge her previous life, overturn her current life, and step onto the peak of the strong! But why were there more and more men around her? Didn't you see how the face of the proud, delicate, and beastly Lai Pi Wang beside you has turned black?