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Not Being A Empress for Years

Not Being A Empress for Years

Historical Romance


Author : xin yue

Publisher : babelnovel


When she was still a child, she was cursed. She was born with half of her face that could topple nations and the other half that was as ugly as a ghost. He originally thought that his mother would eventually return home. He never would have thought that she would actually become the empress of a mother to the world with an imperial edict. On the night of their wedding, her husband, the emperor, opened his phoenix handkerchief. In that instant, Xue Lian saw the most wonderful face in his life. Before she could finish admiring the expressions, her husband left. The next day, an imperial edict sent her, the empress, to the cold palace. She didn't know why? If he didn't like her, then why did he want her to be his successor?