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Obedient Young Master Shen

Obedient Young Master Shen

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


In front of others, he was the business emperor who monopolized the entire industry and economy. He was cold-blooded and heartless. After the people, he was the model husband who put his wife up to heaven and followed her orders. In one interview, a bold reporter asked a personal question: "CEO Shen, rumors say … Are you really a wife and slave? " Everyone thought that Shen Ruo Bai would fly into a rage, but who knew that he would calmly look at the reporter and reply, "Do you have any objections?" Xia Jing flew into a rage. When had she ever enslaved him? He was clearly bullying her every night! Under the questioning, a certain someone shamelessly replied, "Darling, how about you help me in the future?"