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Only Beloved Billionaire Sweetheart

Only Beloved Billionaire Sweetheart



Author : Tao Zi Mao

Publisher : babelnovel


Deep in the night, he whispered into her ear, "Woman, you were the one who started the fire, so you have to put it out!" She had thought that they would never meet again in this life, yet she had once again stumbled into a wolf's lair … "The taste is good!" His thin lips curled playfully. "Either be my woman, or jump from here!" "In your dreams!" She gritted her teeth and replied without hesitation. He had been rejected repeatedly by a woman, which had directly provoked his dignity as a man. He swore that he would make that woman beg for mercy! However, he discovered that her peach blossoms were truly flourishing. The Mu Clan's Crown Prince, Noble Young Noble, the General Manager of the Euclidean Group, and the Prince of England all had relations with her, even including her own best friend. What secret was this woman hiding?